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The Messages of the Queen of Peace (2 April 2018 and 18 March 2018), Queen of Help on 15 March 2018

The path of unity with Jesus
“Dear children, I love you with the love of the heavenly Father as your Mother and you with me as my children, as the apostles of my love, whom I constantly gather around myself. My children, you are the ones who, in prayer, have to give my Son to my whole life so that you do not live any more, but my Son in you; so that all those who do not know my Son may see Him in you and desire to know Him. Pray that they will see the humility and goodness of you, ready to serve others. In order to see you as a heart, you live a worldly vocation in the community with my Son. That the sweetness and love of my Son, and of my brothers and sisters, may be seen in you.
Apostles of my love, you have to pray a great deal and purify your heart, that you first walk in the way of my Son so that you are just, connected with the righteousness of my Son. My children, as my apostles, must be united in the community that comes from my Son, so that my children who do not know my Son recognize the love community and want to walk in the way of life through unity with my Son. Thank you.”
(Through Mirjana Dragicevic – Sold, Medjugorje, April 2, 2018)

Stay true to God
My beloved children! Thank you with me to my beloved Son for a great gift, that I may be your Mother. Let me embrace you to give you my love and grace that God has prepared for those who love me forever. I am with you always, but especially when you need to strengthen your faith. Just as I have not forsaken my Son when he died on the cross, I will not leave you in your sufferings either.
Rise your sight and look into my face, and your hearts will be filled with the light of faith, joy, hope, love and peace. Pray constantly that you remain faithful to our Savior and do not obey God’s commandments. Stay true to God and Easter joy will dwell in your hearts. I delight you in the victorious love of Jesus and my Heart.
(Through Martin Gavenda, Dechtice, March 15, 2018)

The power of faith
“Dear children! My earthly life was simple. I liked small things and I enjoyed them. I loved life, a gift from God, even though my pains and sufferings preyed my heart. My children, I have the power of faith and unlimited trust in God’s love. All those who have the power of faith are stronger. Faith works by living according to good, and then the light of God’s love always comes at the right moment. This is the power that sustains in pain and suffering. My children, pray for the power of faith, trust the heavenly Father and do not be afraid.
Know that no one living in God will be lost, but will live forever. Every pain has its end, and then life begins in freedom, where all my faithful children come and where everything returns. My children, your struggle is hard. It will be even harder, but you follow my example. Pray for the power of faith, trust the love of the heavenly Father. I am with you, I reveal to you, I encourage you. With an inexpressible maternal love, I invite your souls. Thank you.”
(Via Marija Dragicevich Soldova, Medjugorje on March 18, 2018)

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