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How to get 1000 Youtube subscribers



my name is Andy and I will show you how you can get 1000 Youtube subscribers within few weeks!

Here is my channel used in the video:

The best option for you is to click on this link (copy it exactly as it is, no not add or remove anything and you will get extra points from the system as my referal).

I had some subscribers before.
It is lots of hours of getting the points for 1000 subscribers, so use my link to get those bonus points and save yourself some time and work. After few one or two weeks you will get your subscribers just as I did. Important is to get your Youtube channel URL correctly. Go to your Youtube Dashboard and copy URL from VIEW CHANNEL and copy the part after

OK now lets get back to the addmefast system. After you register, add your site to the system.

You will put this Channel ID into the system later when creating your site in AddmeFast system.
When your site is ready, go to Youtube Subscribe and start clicking and earning points. They will be later exchanged for subscribers.

Now click on this link and get your first points.


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