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Apparition of the Virgin Mary (Queen of Help) in Dechtice, 7.1.2018

Messages of Virgin Mary:
At the beginning, the arrival of Mary was irregular. Martin did not know when to meet Mother of God. Everyday the Virgin Mary began to come only after August 15, 1995.
Initially the Virgin Mary left the links and messages for visionaries and pilgrims almost daily. During the meeting on August 31, 1995, Our Lady announced that the message would be given in the quarter and on the first Sunday. She said:

Child, my revelation will last through the rosary on Thursday because it is necessary for you to deliver a quarterly message to you. I will show you the other days as I told you – the rosaries. And if the message is needed, I will pass it on the other days over the week. On the first Sunday I will post the message for the whole month. I love you and I will stay with you.

The Quarterly Messages were handed to the Virgin Mary each month through another visionary. The message was handed over on the first Sunday through Martin Gavenda.

27 June 2002 Virgin Mary announced:
My children!
All of you are deeply into your maternal heart, which loves you so infinitely. Children, I want to tell you that this quarterly message is the last one. I want your messages to be deeper and deeper, so I will send you the message only every fifteenth of the month. I know that many of you will be grieving this today’s message. Do not be sad, but be pleased that I will continue to come from the great love of God among you daily.
Thank you for hearing my call.

Our Lady began to deliver the message every 15th month through Simona Áréndás. On the annual day of appearance, i. On Aug. 15 she handed the message through Martin Gavendu. If necessary, Our Lady leaves us a message on another day, for example on the first Sunday. Since July 2008, the Virgin Mary has been delivering the message on the 15th of the month through Martin Gavenda.

Our Lady gave her seven main messages. They are:
GOD (31.3.1996)
Dear children!
Thank you for coming here. God sends me from my Son to bring you help and peace from him. He sent me, because his love is great. He loves you, wants you to love him as well. I have come to tell you, all children, that God exists. She sends me to help you and learn love. He wants me to help love to get to this world. She wants me to defend you through the room, and that is why, dear children, I will defend my Dechtice as my ruby. I hide the bathtub beneath my cloak and pray that it will turn into beauty.
Thank you for accepting my invitation. Good bye, dear children, good-byes, dear angels.

FAITH (13.4.1996)
Dear children!
Great is the love of God that sends me to you. God sent me to tell you: Grow up and develop in the faith that was given to you as the greatest gift. He sent me to help you find the right path, the way of Jesus Christ. Therefore, become a living gospel and a joy for God, for the love of the Father is great. Great is the love of the Holy Spirit, and the love of my Son and our Lord Jesus Christ is great. Therefore let the will of the Father be done. Dear children, enter the gate of my maternal Heart for eternal love – Jesus Christ.
Thank you for accepting my invitation. Good bye, dear children. I love you.

PRAYER (20.4.1996)
Dear children!
How the blossoming flowers develop in drops of rain, so let your hearts develop after prayer. Let prayer flood your heart. Let your homes be filled with prayer everyday so your hearts become a flower garden. Dear Diet, I invite you to your daily prayer. The prayer will then be rewarding if you read it with joy in your heart. That’s why I invite you to pray for your heart. Just feel the joy of prayer. Dear children, open your heart for prayer.
Thank you for accepting my invitation. Good-bye dieting.

Conversion (23.4.1996)
Let me pay the greatest attention to this message I give you today, expensive diets!
Dear children,
the love of the Father is great. Open the gates of the heart and accept the love of the Father. You will love his love in turn. Children, turn your heart to understand love. Those who do not want to know love can not understand the conversion. Open the gates of conversion, for great love is coming to you. My father sent me to give you the palm of reversion. I love you and I want you to come to Jesus Christ through conversion.
Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye.

Fasting (24.4.1996)
Dear children!
Today I want to say to you and to invite you to the fast. Children, when you sacrifice and obey this fast, great love comes to you from the Creator. Therefore sacrifice him for the love of the Lord. That’s why I invite you to fast. Accept this invitation. Thank you for accepting the invitation and for being here.
Martin: Our Lady, what is the best place to eat?
Our Lady: Dear children, the best meal is for bread and water, every Wednesday and Friday. Goodbye. You promise to come to church tomorrow and come back here Friday.
Martin: Yes, Mom.

Peace (27.4.1996)
Dear children! Again, I’m telling you today. The room, the room must lie between man and God and always peace. Children, God is infinitely good to you, and therefore thank him, praise him and exalt him forever. His love is overwhelming that he sends me to bring you peace. Make your arms for the Lord, for he gives you peace. Receive invitations to receive peace of mind. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you. Our Lady finally added: Peace, peace, peace !!!

Reconciliation (28.4.1996) Dear children! Do not dismiss this message that your Mother gives you today. The one who sent me, I say to you from his great love. LIVE, LIKE WITH HIM, LOVE WITH God. For the fact that I am here with you is a great love from him. I bid you ditties, first settle down in your families, then between the neighbours and the nation, and then between the states. Only so can you be reconciled to God. I appeal to you for the reconciliation that comes to you from the Creator. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you.
The Virgin Mary, in her messages, invites people above all to the sacramental life. He calls us to the Holy Confession, Holy Mass and Holy Communion. Invites us to the daily prayer and fasting. As she said, it does not come from her will, but from the will of God, and what she wants people to return to Jesus and live in God’s presence.

5.4.1996 said: Dear children! I’m happy you’re here. Because being here was my invitation. Dear angels, I want to tell you if you should choose between the Holy Mass, the Holiness of the Altar and me, you must choose the holy mass and the sacrament of the altar. Because I am here to teach you love for Jesus Christ. Dear children, I would have found you even if you were anywhere.

May 21, 1998 left us a link: My children, I bend over you and bless you. My wish is for all of you to understand my messages and through them to find out how I love you. My words can not be understood, diets, so that you will think over them by reason. My words are given out of love and only through love, and you will understand your heart. And so you will find that through them I really want to teach you to love Jesus because you forgot it. You come to my well with grace, to my Immaculate Heart. You can always start living my messages. Thank you for hearing my call.

6.9.1998 Our Lady answered Lucius’ question whether people would believe that it was coming here: Lord God sent me here. He has assigned me the task of confirming you in all that you are entrusted with and written in the Holy Scriptures. He wants me to show you again the goal you want to hurry. The Lord God wants your change of life, your conversion. He wants to save you for the eternal life that He has prepared for you in the heavens. And that is why every day you bend through your words. Your words are given to you through your service. I am his servant. I repeat from you everything you forgot and missed, for it is the Father’s will. I always knew to submit to the Father’s will, and therefore I am at this time among you. Child, people struggle with the situation that is created here because of my presence in this parish. The Lord God has already done many tests on you, he is committing, because he will only find out if you are willing to fight for him. Never give up in this fight, let it be in any case. Be bold and strong. Just as if you sow the tiny seed in the earth and patiently waiting for it to grow up and harvest in the land, so patiently wait for a day in which other people will believe that I am coming to this parish. That day will come, and you will have the joy of joy. But it is very necessary for you to help these people with their prayers to prove and acknowledge the fact that I am here. Children, be patient. The Lord God will make all men believe, for it is in his plans, and he can not blame anyone. The Lord God does what He wants and not what people want.
The united heart of Jesus and Mary.

One of the important messages of the Dechtig is the message of August 15, 2000, in which the Virgin Mary offers to the people of the Heart of Jesus and her Heart as powerful protection. says:
My children! Thank you for coming here and blessing all of you. My children, today my Son and I offer refuge in our connected hearts. You are forgiving the heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart through the first seven Sundays after the first Friday that I have wished for all the insults we receive. Serve the Divine Heart of My Son and my Immaculate Heart – our united love. With this dedication you will be protected in the storms of your life. In them you will find shelter and peace. Stay in our loving hearts. Our hearts will be a ship that never shines when the sea is broken. I love you, my children. Thank you for hearing my call.

5.8.2001 says about the picture: My Children, thank you for your love, which you pour here from the depths of your hearts. Today, on my feast, God sends me the following words: I have one request and a gift at the same time. I wish that my image of the kingly help was worshiped in your dwellings, and that among you would be a veneration of the Divine Heart of my Son and of my Immaculate Heart. Where my image will be worshiped, and where they will worship the Heart of My Son and My Heart, God’s blessing pours out with great grace to the whole family.

• Again I want to remind you that in the Heart of My Son and in My Immaculate Heart, you will find the sanctuary. Therefore, engage in our daily love with hearts. My Son and I are hiding the whole world and protecting him from his misery. (7.7.2002)

• Children, enter my arms. Immerse yourself in the love of my Son and mine and feel the love of our united hearts. It is important that you constantly open our hearts to our united love, and thus receive the graces that our love brings to you. (15.10.2002)

• I dare you with My Son into our love affiliated with the Spirit so that you can find certainty, peace and love in them. Let our love be a refuge for you. (9.1.2000)

5.11.2000 Our Virgin Mary has encouraged us to say: My Children! Even today, I call you to be the ones who are experiencing the love of the heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart, the love of our united hearts, to make this love known to those who do not know it. Everybody come to the garden of these two hearts, where there is a new spring where there is always joy and peace. God has given the Heart of My Son and My Immaculate Heart to the New Millennium as a great hope and refuge for all. It is a garden for you all, which will start a new spring for all mankind. Thank you, my children, that you have heard my call.